Fountain Digital: Cleveland Agency Brand Photoshoot

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Branding Photography • Nov 2, 2023 @ 15:05

Showcasing Authenticity and Professionalism: A Brand Photography Journey with Fountain Digital

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with Fountain Digital, a budding digital marketing agency in the vibrant heart of Cleveland, Ohio. Fountain Digital’s dedication to providing top-tier marketing services is undeniable, and we were thrilled to help them convey their authenticity and professionalism through our brand photography.

Capturing the Essence of Fountain Digital

Our primary objective was to capture the essence of Fountain Digital – a young but formidable player in the digital marketing realm. The agency’s fresh approach and dynamic team made the shoot a dynamic experience.

Digital Marketing Agency Brand Photos: Conveying Legitimacy and Relatability

To kickstart my journey with Fountain Digital, I sought to highlight the agency’s legitimacy and relatability. As a startup navigating the competitive world of digital marketing, it was vital for Fountain Digital to showcase their professional image without losing their approachability.

The session was designed to capture their team in action, working collaboratively and brainstorming new ideas. We wanted to emphasize the synergy that sets them apart in the industry.

Building a Visual Portfolio for Fountain Digital

My commitment to creating an extensive visual library for Fountain Digital led us to schedule a four-hour long session to ensure I jumpstarted their visual story. This approach not only provided them with a diverse range of captivating content but also showcased the agency’s adaptability and dynamism.

A four-hour brand photography session allowed me to capture the team in various settings, from brainstorming meetings to collaborative workshops, helping potential clients envision what it’s like to work with Fountain Digital.

Conveying Professionalism with Authenticity with Brand Photography

The ultimate goal was to capture the professionalism of Fountain Digital while showcasing their authentic, approachable side. I believe that authenticity is key in the digital marketing landscape, and I wanted to convey the agency as a trustworthy partner for clients.

I invite you to scroll through our gallery to see the results of the collaborative project with Fountain Digital. Discover how I crafted a cohesive brand image gallery that they can utilize in both print and online marketing.

Ready to see the transformation? Keep scrolling to explore the visual journey of Fountain Digital, where professionalism meets authenticity.



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