With more than five years of small business and corporate marketing experience and a master's degree in Business Psychology, I know what images customers and clients are seeking out. I know what catches the eyes' of consumers. 

As a small business owner, blogger, or creative, you are handling everyyyy aspect of the business. You might not have the time to dedicate to curating the most perfect images on social media. Don’t worry, that's where I come in! 

Let me handle the planning and get you those perfectly crafted photos that exude confidence about your brand or business. It's time to take the right steps to elevate your business to the next level.

Let me help YOU!

Let's make this easy! When you reach out to me, we're going to discuss what exactly you're looking for. You don't know, you say? Perfect. I have a Brand Questionnaire that will give you clarity. After you fill out the questionnaire, we will schedule a zoom consultation. I know another thing to do, but this is important! We will talk about locations, concepts, outfits, props, and everything else in-between. We’ll set the date and secure the location. 

Get your Pinterest board ready, practice some poses in the mirror, and show up to your session ready to have fun. I only take on a limited amount of clients each month, so you will receive your images in two weeks. 

You’re like, "This sounds great, Teai, but wtf do I do?"

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The Process

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Take one less thing, one less worry, off your mind and get this process started! Reach out and let’s chat!

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