What is Branding Photography?

Branding Photography • Jan 10, 2022 @ 18:22

What is branding photography? 

Great question! Sometimes people get freaked out by the word “branding” and think they aren’t a brand because they imagine mega corporate brands like Nike or McDonald’s. 

original source: https://www.cbc.ca/schittscreek/

But I’m here to tell you, you are a brand. 

You’re much more than a brand, but you get the point. Your online presence is the first thing customers interact with and that is just one part of your brand. 

Your online presence is your website and social media.

Are they in tip-top shape? Photos on fleek, copy crisp and offers on point? (I’m a millennial, cut me some slack). 

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We’re all friends here, no need to be embarrassed if they aren’t. But that’s where branding photography and a branding session can help. 

A branding session gives your business a cohesive look that your audience will love. 

I approach all my sessions with my organized hat on, but I allow space for each business to create their own unique and organic flow so that no one leaves with cookie-cutter images. 

After inquiring and hopping on a quick phone call to assess your needs and pick out the right package for you, we get to the fun stuff. 

You’ll be sent a branding questionnaire that will help you and me to dig deep into your brand. I want to understand your why, who your audience is, and the best way to use these photos. 

Once the questionnaire is complete, we will meet for coffee either in-person or virtually for a one hour planning meeting. Let’s talk props, outfits, locations, and the shot list

Original source: https://www.facebook.com/strangersseries

Then, all you have to do is show up to the session with me by your side (well, probably in front of you). And I’ll be cheering you on the whole time. 

Once your gallery is delivered, you will have professional and cohesive photos that you can use on your website and social media (A huuuuuge time saver), images your audience will love and potential clients will think “damn.” Let’s not forget the mega confidence boost. 💅🏼

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